Land of culture, of tradition and of beauty, Tuscany is the basement and the source of inspiration of our work.
Land known for the workmanship of articles and accessories in leather, excellent district of luxury leather goods all over the world.

SINCE 1979

Beltmania is an artisan Company, born in Tuscany, working since 1979 in the international market. The Company is specialized in the creation of women’s and men’s belts, but not only.
We are looking for quality, style and versatility for our products, and we always try to improve our levels. All stages of production and creation of style, take place within the company, supervised by Andrea and Manuela Greco. 

Our company is constantly engaged in controlling every aspect and detail: from the initial idea to the finished object everything is personally supervised, with passion in every detail.
In order to point out and distinguish the various classes of the products, the Company has created others brands such as Manuela Greco, Gallo Greco, Santa Trinità, that together with Beltmania and Andrea Greco are always

offering new collections for different markets and customers.
Always involved in the constant research of last trends in our field, Beltmania offers to its own clients new articles realized with artisan finishing, which can be personalized and which are able to meet the needs of the contemporary market.




With passion and devotion, since years, they are devoted to the company, paying attention to each details  and to the relationship with the client. Andrea,  owner and commercial director, has been able to launch his product Made in Italy in Japan.

Manuela, with her unique and researched design, is able to produce new collection with seasonal regularity, giving birth with new shapes, new materials and new colors to a world where tradition and innovation find balance.