Beltmania is the historic brand of the Company: the first and the most important which embraces not only our seasonal inspirations but also the core values of our Company, more immutable and outlined.
With this brand, we offer both male and female collections, very appreciated in Italy and abroad.



Andrea Greco, highly respected brand in Japan, distinguishes our collections for the classic and elegant man. The leathers which are used are full- grain calves, nabuk, suedes, reptiles including crocodiles.
The metal fittings are highly sought, mainly made of brass casting and lost wax on exclusive design.
Together with Beltmania, it has been the first brand which we have developed.




A brand created for the Japanese market, above all to identify our ladies’ collections.
The logo of the collection is a pair of seahorses, Ippocampus.
Ippocampuses are beings who are between the mythological and the unreal, something very rare in nature.
As well as rare and precious is the imagination that helps us to make our lives different and rewarding.



The brand Santa Trinita has been created to highlight objects of great quality and value, intended in large part to the Japanese market.
The cue has been taken from an old existing bridge in Florence, historical symbol of an era of great pomp and prestige. The Santa Trinita bridge symbolizes the passage, the communication and the transit from a reality to another and from the past to the present.
Santa Trinita is therefore the symbol of the ideas in motion, the indissoluble link that binds us to our roots and the transition to become the future.



Gallo Greco this is like a game for us.
The red young cock, status of a place of origin, of a geographical name, wants to mean something to appreciate, like the good wine, the bright red, the fantasy.
Colored belts, fabrics, brass accessories, sometimes a little back, warm and natural leathers, colored threads, embroideries, above all for man but also well worn by the woman. Gallo Greco is an image constantly evolving.