The soul of Beltmania is that of an artisan shop. The production cycle is carried out and defined as a team, so we select the best working methods.
Nothing is left to chance, everything is controlled right down to the smaller details.


Production is careful to every detail including metal accessories, designed internally and handmade on our exclusive designs.
Fabrics (cottons, silks, damasks) combined with fine leathers, tanned with vegetable method, (including deers and full grain calves) have an essential part in the realization of our line of high level accessories, entirely Made in Italy.

The market towards we address is mainly Japan where our belts are marketed under the brand Andrea Greco, in all the major chain stores.
The materials that are used are the result of a deep research of leathers and accessories: a research that we carry out in various fairs and along with some selected artisans.

In addition to belts we have created leather jewelry, small leather goods, bags, placemats, pillows, carpets.
The spirit that animates the Company is the continuous research which always arise new and exclusive items.
Thank to the experience gained over the years, it is possible to offer a partnership to brands who want to develop their own quality design.