To create means expressing a moment, a time, a place:
the visual message of a mood

Manuela Greco


Beltmania style, edited by Manuela Greco, is a triumph for the senses, that comes from a draft on a white paper and finds fulfillment in everyday gestures: to tie a belt, to wear a bag, to express a way of being.
The accurate choice of materials of quality, the range of colors, and the imagination of the patterns, the tactile aspect of silks, of damasks, and of leathers, combined with an elegant and clean design make each project a unique piece.

The articles of Beltmania express personality, modernity and elegance.
Nothing is left to chance, everything is checked down to the smallest details. Every product is made with care and dedication because it is considered the expression of a time, and of a feel.
Accessories that were the focus of an unconventional and sophisticated outfit.

The combination of highly skilled workforce and high-grade materials guarantees a final result which is synonymous of quality and elegance.
A product with unique and unmistakable characteristics.
The different articles, the variety of colors give to the whole collection a such versatility of styles, able to satisfy any demand from national and international customers.




Arrived very young in the world of fashion, in the environment that right from her childhood, when she played in her family’s tailoring, had on her a great charm.
She began her career in Milan, in the late seventies, creating, with pieces with loads of history but not yet vintage, a first collection.
So, she showed the desire to create and to express a moment, a time, a place: the visual message of a mood.
This is for her to create.
With time, she was able to express herself through her family Company, in the field of fashion accessories and leather goods.